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Scottish Strings for Schools (Triple S) is a music educational program that expands students' musical horizons and introduces students and teachers to one of the world's great musical traditions.

Master Scottish fiddle performer, judge, and educator, David Gardner conducts a one or two day workshop for students and teachers culminating in a Scottish fiddle concert featuring students. Schools

may choose to sell tickets to support the music program.

Many strings students spend years learning the rewarding skills of playing violin, viola, cello, or bass only to lose this ability after the culmination of their education because of lack of available ensembles. Triple S introduces players to a style of playing that allows them to be lifelong musicians without the need to find organized ensembles.

Scottish Fiddle, unlike many other traditional styles, is deeply rooted in classical training. This allows students and teachers alike to explore a rich traditional style of performance without having to leave their

hard earned training at the door.

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“David Gardner’s masterful fiddling and excellent classical training enable him to bring the best of both worlds to his teaching of America’s first fiddle tradition.  Working with beginners, intermediate or advanced players, including those who are new to folk music, he makes learning Scottish music fun, exciting , and accessible.  His vast knowledge of the history of both Scotland and America in the 1700‘s brings an added depth to his lessons.”

-Rachel Barton Pine, concert violinist

Scottish Strings for Schools