Champion Scottish Fiddler


David Gardner

Upcoming Events

Join Us For a Facebook Live Fiddle Session

Sat. 11/28 @ 4pm

Strolling Musician in

Merchants Square

Nov. 26, 1-3pm

Nov. 29, 2-3pm

Dec. 6, 2-3pm

Dec. 17, 4-5pm

Hennage Auditorium Concerts

A Christmas Ceilidh

11/28, 5pm (Sold Out)

12/05, 5pm (Sold Out)

12/12, 5pm (Sold Out)

12/19, 5pm (Sold Out)

12/26, 5pm (Sold Out)

A Scottish Harvest Celebration

11/27, 5pm

The Old Dominion and Caledonia

12/04, 5pm (Sold Out)

My Heart is in the Highlands

01/01, 5pm

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