Champion Scottish Fiddler


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Join us for this free Scottish Fiddling Club

at the Bruton Parish Vestry House

311 West Duke of Glouchester St.

Every 3rd Saturday of the month

at 4:30pm-7:30pm

*For December we will be having TWO fiddle club meetings in order to work around everyone's holiday schedule. Attend one or both!

Dec. 9 & 30 @ 4:30pm

Christmas Concerts at

Jamestown Settlement  

Dec. 24, 26, 27 & 29 @ 11am & 3pm

Christmas Concerts at the

American Revolution Museum at Yorktown  

Dec. 30 & 31 @ 11am & 3pm

Wassailing with the Lorde of Misrule

The Virginia Company

Hennage Auditorium, Williamsburg

Dec. 4, 4:30pm

The Pews and the Pulpit

Hennage Auditorium, Williamsburg

Dec. 11, 4:30pm

The Holly and the Ivy

Hennage Auditorium, Williamsburg

Dec. 15, 4:30pm

Christmas Concert

Hennage Auditorium, Williamsburg

Dec. 20, 1:30pm & 4:30pm

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